Driving Change in International Development with our AtlasRhea Software Development

COLOURS GLOBAL’s work on our AtlasRhea software targets modernization, process optimization, and efficiency of intra/inter-government and agency workflow & user experience to save American tax payers billions while making bigger strides in impactful and sustainable international development and foreign policy.

FACT: Almost 40 million (about 12%) people in USA live below the poverty line in 2023. This number is higher than the population in some countries considered developing countries. COLOURS GLOBAL GROUP is working hard to fight poverty not only in developing economies but also in developed ones.

Almost a century (80+ years) since its conception after the World War in the early 1940s, where does international development stand today? Not looking good. The ultimate goal of international development is to achieve economic growth through self-sufficiency, self-reliance, national efficiency and empowerment of the people. The expectation is that these will have a ripple effect and vice-versa mutually-reinforcing effects on all areas of an economy/nation: peace and security, governance and political systems, democracy, education, health, financial and capital markets, job creation and retention, equitable income distribution, private sector development, trade, tax base enhancements, technological development, climate and environmental standards, price level stability and general quality and standard of life. This implies that the role of many international development organizations and agencies should have reduced significantly by now. Tax payers bearing the cost burden to fund these development programs are an element for further performance concern. Poverty is still rampant and development institutions are larger than ever instead of smaller. Yet, agency goals are unlikely to be achieved any time soon. International development seems to have failed and in its current state, continues to function ineffectively and inefficiently toward achieving real exponential change and impact. Your views on this?




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